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Cheap Reseller Hosting India with Unlimited cPanel

FAST SSD Storage
FREE SSL Certificate
100% White Labeled
99% Servers Uptime
Private Name Servers
Softaculous App Installer

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Cheap Reseller Hosting India

Offering Cheap Reseller Hosting India - Get India's Best Unlimited Reseller Hosting | Call & Chat & Ticket Support.



Rs 399 / month
renew @ Rs 499
  • cPanel Accounts 5
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
  • Database & Sub Domain Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate(https) Yes
  • Softaculous + cPanel + WHM Yes


Rs 6999 / year
renew @ Rs 7,999
  • cPanel Accounts 15 cPanel
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
  • Database & Sub Domain Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate(https) Yes
  • Softaculous + cPanel + WHM Yes


Rs 12,999 / year
renew @ Rs 13,999
  • cPanel Accounts 30 cPanel
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
  • Database & Sub Domain Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate(https) Yes
  • Softaculous + cPanel + WHM Yes


Rs 19,999 / year
renew @ Rs 20,999
  • cPanel Accounts 50 cPanel
  • Bandwidth & Traffic Unlimited
  • E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
  • Database & Sub Domain Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate(https) Yes
  • Softaculous + cPanel + WHM Yes

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cPanel Control Panel Features

WHM - Web Host Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor and control by giving you the administrative access to the back end of cPanel.

  • User Friendly File Manager
  • Create,Modify & Delete MySQL databases
  • User Can Take Backup and Restore
  • PHP Selector, Domain Management
  • Email Account, FTP & DNS Management
  • Zone Editor, PHP & SSL Manager
  • Softaculous Installer, Domain Alias

Cheap Reseller Hosting India with Unlimited cPanel

Install These Apps in One-Click

Offering Cheap Reseller Hosting India - Get India's Best Unlimited Reseller Hosting | Call & Chat & Ticket Support.

Wordpress Installer
Opencart Installer
Bootstrap Installer
Joomla Installer
Drupal Installer
phpScript Installer

Reseller Hosting Top Features

Best Recommended For Web Developers & Freelancers

Cheap Reseller Hosting: is a perfect way to begin with your own web hosting Business. With our reseller hosting plans, user you build multiple hosting plans under their own brand name & comes with lot of features like Free SSL Certificates, White Label Nameserver, 99% Server Uptime, Unlimited cPanel account options, Cloud SSD Storage. Whether you are a web developers, Web designer or freelancers, easily setup their company & Become your own Boss. Our Linux Reseller Hosting plan, comes with unlimited cPanel accounts and can host unlimited numbers of domains .

  • SSL Certificates: Protect and Boost your website ranking with Our Free SSL Certificate.
  • Softaculous Installer: Our hosting plans comes with Softaculous Installer & can access 250+ apps.
  • Control Panel: Our Reseller Hosting comes with worlds best cPanel Control Panel.
  • Name Servers: Get Private & White Label Nameservers along with Reseller Web Hosting.
  • Host Unlimited Websites: In Reseller there is no restriction for Sub-domains & Add-on domains.
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts: Our Reseller Plans comes with unlimited cPanel account basis.

Cheap Reseller Hosting India with Unlimited cPanel

Best Server Configuration

Our servers use only high performance Dell Servers or Dedicated Dual E5-2640. Each Server typically has 2 x 40 Core CPUs and on average 128-256GB Ram with Enterprise SSD offering the fastest performance.

Cheap Reseller Hosting India with Unlimited cPanel

Latest Software Versions

We always preferred latest & updated cPanel & web applications for smooth performance and compatibility, we also provide apache Web Server & MariaDB 10.1 for the fastest performance web hosting.

Cheap Reseller Hosting India with Unlimited cPanel

Make Your Own Plans

User can design their own hosting plans quickly and easily inside of their reseller control panel, Users can sell their own hosting plans on their own website with can return you and your business an excellent income.

Reseller Web Hosting FAQ's

Offering Cheap Reseller Hosting India - Get India's Best Unlimited Reseller Hosting | Call & Chat & Ticket Support.

Reseller hosting allows you to create sub-accounts within your hosting account. These sub-accounts act as an individual hosting account, suitable for hosting personal and business websites. Every sub-account will have disk space, bandwidth, email and control panel. The complete reseller web hosting account can be easily managed through cPanel. We provide both Linux and Windows reseller hosting service.

Reseller hosting is ideally recommended for web designers and developers. They can host and manage their client’s websites from a single reseller web hosting account and earn money. This would reduce the hosting cost and save the time spent behind managing multiple shared accounts with multiple providers. Reseller hosting is the first step towards starting your own web hosting business.

If you are into web design and development then it becomes easy for you to offer hosting services to your clients. Add the hosting package cost in the web development and offer a one-stop solution to your clients. You can offer them unlimited disk space and bandwidth plans.

Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting business where a web hosting agency rents out hard disk and bandwidth from a hosting provider. Now, this web agency divides the space and allocated it to their clients with separate bandwidth, email, and control panel. All the client's accounts directly managed by the cPanel Control panel.
It is the new model of entrepreneur and business for a web agency, web developer, or web designer. Those who have a large base of clients can offer this kind of service.
Yes, kid4hosting will be the best option for that reseller hosting business. The package starts from rupees 6999 per year. You will get to access unlimited cPanels, email accounts, databases, and upto 200 GB SSD storage with 300+ app installers in one click.

You can provide control panel access to your clients to manage their individual hosting accounts.

If you are a web developer, web designer, web agency, or freelancer who has a large client base. Then you can make a huge amount of profit from reseller hosting. Initially, its problem is how to set up a reseller hosting business. Follow this step by step guide.
- Choose Your Target Audience:
First of all, it is very important that you choose a business niche. In this case, you will be able to target your target audience easily. Now all you need to do is choose a good reseller hosting plan.

- Select A Parent Hosting Provider:
The most important step is to choose a parent hosting provider. You have to pay attention to the following things while choosing plans.
  • pricing
  • customer support
  • software applications
  • order management

  • kid4hosting will be the best option for you to set up a reseller hosting business. Cheap and affordable package with numerous features.

    - Pitching clients and Sell hosting Now contact your client base and offer them web hosting at a lower price than the market. Depending on your pitch and previous reputation, it depends on how much your reseller hosting business will run.

    Yes, of course, you can host your own website. But it is not so easy. To do this you have to pay attention to the following things.

  • You should know how to set up the WWW server software. After this software is set up on your computer, internet users will be able to access the web files.
  • You will need a very good internet service provider. For this, you have to find your internet bandwidth limitation.
  • You will have to keep your computer on for 24 hours. Whenever you shut down or reboot your computer, your website will be unavailable.
  • It is possible to host your web sites on your own computer, but quite difficult. You have to design a very good internet system for this because your home internet is not enough to load the web page. At the same time, you also have to prepare a cooling system that should run with your computer for 24 hours. Choose its alternative. Choose a hosting plan from a hosting company. It will provide you all the facilities at a low cost.
  • A web server is a type of hardware and software that uses HTTP and other protocols. By doing this the client's request is fulfilled on the World Wide Web. You can consider it to be a collection of many computers in which it is connected to the Internet so that the content available on the website can be shown.
    The hardware of the web server is stored and processed with the help of software and delivered to the users. Web servers are used to collect web hosting data. Whoever needs to run their website will have to buy web hosting.

    A web server is computer hardware that stores JavaScript files, HTML documents, and images with the help of web server softwares.
    Whenever a user requests website content, then the web server software shows the content of the website with the help of a domain name. When a web browser that needs a file is hosted on a web server. Such a request comes to the web server, then that request is accepted according to HTTP protocol. Now after finding that website content is sent back to the browser.

    A domain name is a type of identity address that is also known as a URL (Uniform resource locator) or web address. It was used to create an internet protocol (IP) address that can be easily remembered. Your domain name is unique, which can be easily searched by typing on the browser. Your domain name is created by the Domain Name System (DNS) along with the Rules of Procedure. If you want to run a website, you will need both a domain name and web hosting.

    When you work with your hosting account, then it is very important to note that many types of operating systems work with your server. Linux and Windows are the two main types of operating systems available within your hosting. Linux hosting is the predominantly used hosting that almost everyone uses. Most websites are hosted on Linux hosting only due to its flexibility and low pricing plan. Most shared hosting plans are purchased on the Linux operating system. WordPress supported with PHP and MySQL are compatible with Linux hosting. On the other hand, In windows hosting the servers use windows operating systems. Technologies like .Net, ASP, MSSQL, and Microsoft Access are supported in windows hosting. Windows hosting plans are more expensive than Linux hosting.

    Every website needs hosting to run which many hosting companies sell. These companies provide a web server so that your website is available to users. Follow these steps before considering a hosting plan.
    Needs of your website
    It is important to know the purpose and need of your website. Shared, VPS, Cloud dedicated and the reseller is a different kind of web hosting. The storage, speed, security, and your current situations decide you to take action and choose the right hosting plan.
    Website building options
    The web hosting market is always updated and optimized. The company provides hosting plans without a website builder and with a website builder. if you have a website designer or you are quite knowledgeable to design your own website. Then you have to opt for hosting plans without website builders.
    Right web hosting
    There are different kinds of web hosting. If you have a big company who generates traffic in million then dedicated hosting is the best option for you. Similarly, if you are a beginner then go for shared hosting. VPS and cloud hosting are great for medium enterprises businesses. Reseller hosting is used as business services provided by different web agencies with a large client base.
    Web hosting services
    A good web host company provides the following facilities in the hosting plans.

  • Ease to use and setup
  • Customer support
  • Customization and scalability options
  • Hosting price and renewal fees
  • Cancellation policy
  • Web hosting is a type of Internet service in which a hosting provider provides a space for a website to run. Actually, the hosting provider provides space above the web server which stores all the datafiles of the websites. Every website needs a server to run, where files, code or images, etc. are stored.
    The amount of space you will get above a server depends on the type of hosting you have. There are many types of hosting - Dedicated, Shared, Cloud, VPS, and Reseller.
    Straightforward web hosting is a way in which space is rented so that your websites can run on the World Wide Web. In this, the content of websites such as HTML, CSS, and images, etc. is stored on the server so that people can view it.

    Before starting a new website, you should have complete knowledge of the type of hosting. This way you will be able to choose the right hosting plan for you. Let's know about this.
    Types of Web Hosting
    There are 5 types of web hosting Every hosting plan has its advantages and disadvantages.
    Shared Hosting:
    As its name suggests, multiple websites share resources from shared hosting servers within shared hosting. This is the most basic hosting that is cost-effective. Shared hosting is great for starting a small or new website where traffic is less. Around 10,000 to 20,000 traffic can be balanced within a shared hosting plane, not above that.

  • Best for Small and New Websites.
  • No requirement for any technical knowledge.
  • Easy setup
  • Disadvantages:
  • Website loading takes time
  • Uptime gets lower
  • Sharing resources with the rest of the websites

  • Dedicated Hosting:

    Dedicated web hosting plans are only available from your website. This can be called the best web hosting because all the control is in your hands. It is a bit expensive but you can control the settings of the software, configuration, uptime, website speed, website traffic, etc. Your website can give its best performance because you are not sharing resources with anyone.

  • High uptime and Fast Websites Loading speed
  • Peak performance
  • High-level security
  • Control over the entire server

  • Disadvantages:
  • Technical knowledge needed
  • Very expensive web hosting

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS):

    This is an upgraded step for shared hosting. When the growth of a website exceeds the shared hosting plan, it should shift to VPS. In VPS, the main server is divided into virtual servers. Now the resources of these virtual servers will share among multiple websites. But the number of sites here is less than shared hosting.

  • Faster website loading speed and high uptime
  • Control on custom configuration
  • Great for medium businesses
  • Scalable

  • Disadvantages:
  • Not too easy to set up
  • Limitation on server
  • Sharing resources of the main server with another website

  • Cloud Hosting:

    Cloud hosting is a hybrid version plan VPS hosting. The setup of multiple remote servers comes in cloud hosting plans. Each server performs its responsibility in different ways. In case of malfunction in one of the servers then other servers take responsibility. Cloud hosting is the most appealing hosting because of its scalability. It is good to shift from VPS to cloud hosting. When a website has more than 50000 monthly page visits.

  • High-level security
  • No unexpected downtime
  • High loading speed and lower uptime
  • Scalable

  • Disadvantages:
  • Limitation in customization
  • Expensive and price may vary

  • Reseller Hosting:

    Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting plan where resellers can distribute web hosting. These resellers can be rented hosting servers from a hosting company and divide them into their clients according to their needs. This hosting is used for business purposes. This business will be good for those web agencies or developers who already have a base.

  • For good sustainable income
  • Customizable pricing plan
  • Improving existing features

  • Disadvantages:
  • The requirement of a large client base
  • All reseller responsibility
  • The need for time and efforts
  • Web hosts are companies that provide their services on rent to run a website on the Internet. When a hosting company will host your website. Then users can access your website by going to the web browser and typing the name of your domain name. When this happens, their computers connect to the server of your host website. In this way, that store data is visible to the visitors visiting your website.

    A web hosting is similar to the space available in your home and the domain name is the address of that home. Within the space provided by the web host, you can keep the data and images of the website. And when someone has to find all this data, then he comes to the address(Domain Name) of that space and finds it. The domain name and web hosting can be purchased separately or together. Buy hosting based on your needs & facilities and your domain name should always be unique.

    The SSL certificate is the small data files that are provided for security. These data files are cryptogenic bind with website details. When it is installed on a web server. It provides a secure connection between the web browser to the web server with HTTPS protocol. When the route is encrypted then you can save your website from malware attacks. Yes, the kid4hosting provides a free SSL certificate in their every plan. You will get higher uptime, faster loading speed, high-level security, customization, and up-gradation options.

    When you choose a hosting plan from kid4hosting, you will get the WordPress and Softaculous installer along with Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and Opencart. Other than that additional you will get unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, drag and drop website builder, more than 10 email accounts, with 24/7 expert customer support.

    KID hosting web servers is ready to handle traffic for both small websites and big websites. Our dedicated hosting plans are ready for any big enterprise's businesses. You will get full control over our dedicated servers with several customization options.

    When you buy a web hosting plan from kid4hosting it will take 10 to 15 minutes to set up. After the account activation, The following details are sent on to your email.

  • Login Details
  • Server Information
  • FTP Hostname
  • E-mail Setting
  • These are the reasons why you have to choose kid4hosting plans for your websites.

  • Almost all hosting companies have web servers outside India. Companies that have web-servers in India will charge you extra. There is no need to pay any extra money to the India location server by kid4hosting.
  • You will get a free SSL certificate with all hosting plans no matter how cheap the plan. Some companies also charge for SSL certificates.
  • kid4hosting gives you the feature to do a monthly backup of the website's data. You can know more about this by contacting our customer support.
  • All hosting plans of kid4hosting come with SSD data storage. Being cheaper, you will get lower downtime and fast loading speed.
  • In our kid4hosting plans we give you any special feature of automatic and manual malware scanning. By this, you can save to delete the important files.
  • After you make your mind buy a web hosting plan from India's best cheap hosting company kid4hosting. Then you will get the following benefits.

  • cPanel
  • Unlimited SSD Storage and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited E-mail Address
  • 1 Click Installations ( WordPress Joomla Drupal, Open Cart, etc.)
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited MySQL databases with PHP, Apache, etc.
  • 99% Server Uptime and Fast Loading Speed
  • Monthly Backup Features
  • High-Level Security
  • 24/7 Technical Chat Support
  • Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the reseller plan at anytime.

    Yes, user can use private name server. It will help user for making their own brand.